Tuesday, April 2, 2013

DemiChat and the Kent Street Mystery is now available!

Yay! My second children's book is now out and available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and soon on Apple Ipad.

Demichat, the main character, is a Parisian cat living in London with her humans, the Jaspers, and she dreams of having a life full of mystery and adventure, just like her idol, Sherlock Holmes. She gets that chance when Lord Flannery, a retired police beagle, come to join the Jasper household.

You can find out more about Demichat and her amazing creator, Toni Brisland, here - http://www.demichat.com/home

I worked on this project during my first South American winter, short, freezing cold days in the middle of July---weird!!!! And besides the cold, I must admit, I had to battle a lot of self doubt, and all those lovely things that can get in the way, but I got through them. And the end result is a project I'm really proud of. Here are some of my favorite illustrations from the book -