Friday, March 5, 2010

Goth project progress (say that twenty times) and my Christmas list

This isn't the post I planned to publish. I was working on another but got stuck on how personal it kept getting. Certain things like having to see people now and then who I may need to mention for a post to make sense is getting in the way of my freedom of speech. Not that I want to talk about them specifically, as in gossip, but one friend of mine asked I not blog about her ever. She wasn't too clear on whether she minded an alias or not so think I found a loophole. Then again I have the feeling she would mind even with an alias. How silly is that? So how to discuss something which kinda involves this person without mentioning this person? And, oops! Here I've mentioned her already when she specifically asked me not to! Darn. Sorry, friend I can't mention! Hmmm...ok, am working on this.

Anyway, goth painting number one is done. Or rather I have finally given up on it...
And if you must compare, the original photo can be seen on my photo blog here. Sad thing is, I chose to start with this one because I thought it would be the easiest, quickest one to paint. Little did I know it would take six frustrating weeks to finish making me wonder many a time if I might be visually retarded.

Goth painting number two, also, is under way...
It's still in that yet to be messed up stage. Luckily, after six weeks of oil and brush practice, I'm hoping this won't take me so long.

And, inspired by De Campo, I too have begun planning my Christmas list. Look here and try to resist this c(h)andelier of dreams!

It's by Jello, who will make only ten of them, each consisting of about 5,000 hand strung bears and taking about two months to complete. It's a childhood wish come true!!! As kids my sister and I used to play space-ship-eat-all-you-want (because we couldn't in our house. Not because there wasn't enough food around but because our parents didn't want us, or rather my sister, to get any chubbier than she already was. I usually got full after two bites *unless when eating desert.) made out of all the boxes we could find in the house (again not because we didn't have toys but because boxes are just fun) on which we drew magic space ship buttons for all the only for special occasion goodies we could think of, banana splits, sundays, donuts, chocolate and strawberry shakes, french fries we (my sister) didn't have to share, etc. Anyway, imagine my disappointment when I read the fine print and realized that the gummi bears are not actual candy gummy bears (WHAT?!!!) but mere acrylic impostors. There goes my fantasy of snacking on my c(h)andelier some drunken evening.
Oh well, still want one!
Or maybe I'll get it for my sister?

One last thing. Found this on an old Academy classmate's blog (N. Stapley)...
Haven't you always wondered?


  1. well done with the paintings!!! painting is NOT easy. yeesh. last year i started one that was small and supposedly easy, and it lays abandoned with MUCH dust on it after a LOT of re-working. i'd almost rather start over than face that thing again!

    the gummy bear thing is hilarious! even if they are fake!

  2. I love the lamp too. If you want some more Goth inspiration, there'll be the Goth Festival in Whitby, England in April.
    Frieda, just look how pretty you could be if you plucked that awful facial hair!!!

  3. I was only able to say “Goth Project Progress” three times before tripping over the words! But I am certainly impressed with your progress.
    Make your own gummy bear creation – perhaps on a smaller scale! I’m now craving a Swedish Berry one. ;)

  4. So good to see your Goth painting project in full swing. Your creativity is refreshing and inspiring, Cheryl. You always work hard but the results speak volumes. Oooh, is that a photo of Frieda? Love & bright wishes, sparkling one. xx

  5. These look GREAT! Nice blog

  6. OOOOOOOOOOhhhhh!!! I came accross the gummy bear chandelier the other day and fell under it's spell as well!!!

    Your Goth paintings! I'm loving!

    And about Frida's facial hair... There is this very crazy reason why Mexican women used to keep their facial hair... Turns out indigenous girls didn't have facial hair... But the Spanish ones did... So the way to prove they were not "Indias" was to show facial hair... Go figure...


  7. A little constructive criticism, Goth Picture Numero Uno would be soooo much better if you made him wear a Three Wolves T-Shirt.

  8. Thanks Drollgirl! Nice to know someone else relates to the process. Was afraid to admit how long it took me.

    Hi Dedene, the Goth festival sounds really tempting. Wish I could go. Yes, I think Frieda Kahlo is really beautiful either way (such an amazing, fearless woman) but because I'm used to seeing women with plucked eyebrows and waxed upper lips, I admit I do find the second one slightly more attractive.

    Hi Beth, you know, I was just thinking that earlier, maybe a pint sized version like those hanging candle thingies you find in Ikea? Hmmm, something to do, maybe, when I get together again with my nieces and nephews.

    Thanks Carol Ann, am taking a break form it for a few days to do some computer painting. Oh! And to play dodgeball today. Dodgeball, hooray!!!! Thank you for always sending me such positive, loving energy, dear friend, xoxo

    Hi Ty, thank you! And yours is not only nice but pretty effing awesome. I have a feeling you have a bright future ahead of you.

    Hi Lena, thank you! Sadly, I am not loving it after six weeks (off and on of course) of staring at it. But I am kind of fond of it. I mean I;d definitely be sad if it got lost in a fire. Oh, attachment, attachment...

    And oh, I never knew that! Sounds like a class related thing. I thought it was a rebellious, go against the current kind of thing. Hmmm.
    Hugs back, glamorous coffee lady.

    Hi De Campo, Ah! Now that you have planted this (horrible) idea in my head... must try some photoshop magic or...or forever wonder... damn...

  9. Your first goth painting is just perfect to me! Leave it as it is!!

    As a cheaper compromise you may perhaps just buy a kilo of gummy bears? There are some choclate covered here, which I just love although you are supposed to love them only to the age of ten! Next time in Paris I promise to offer you some (with champagne of course)!

  10. I wish I could paint like you, period.
    Oh, what a yummy chandelier.
    Acrylic impostors? BLEH!!!
    Have a happy Monday.

  11. Your paintings are AWESOME! The gummi bear chandelier is so fun... remember those tabletop fiber optic things that looked like sea anenomes? That could be a fun gummi bear project!! Wonder if those fiber fronds would hold a gummi? oooo - gummi worms!

    And I know all to clearly how hard it is to want to blog about something and not being able to due to the people that might be reading. grin.

    Cheers -

  12. Thanks Peter, I wasn't really going to mess with it. Though I may, or may not, superimpose three wolves over his shirt through the magic of Photoshop.

    Chocolate covered gummy bears?!!! Sad to say, I've never heard of them but they sound like they must be really good. I can imagine them now, in Paris, with a glass of champagne...

    Hi Dutch donut girl, thanks for reminding me how I should be glad to be able to paint at all rather than getting bogged down with frustrations.
    Yeah, acrylic, bleh! Still want one, though.

    Hi Shanster! Thanks, I never tire of hearing that. And ooo, good idea! I just might try that. If it gets sticky then maybe it can be a special occasion thing where we have to it all that night or else.
    And yes, that one is something I have to consider time and again. I like being an open book and talking about whatever's going on in my life. But I also have to respect the feelings of those close to me. I guess the golden rule is to never say anything here I'm not willing to say to the face of the person I might be mentioning.


  13. Now THAT is a GORGEOUS chandelier....

  14. Wow... a gummy bear chandelier?? I want! Although I too am a little sad that you cant eat fun! Thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog! Your paintings are incredible, I wish I had such talent. And as for writing about people on the blog - I stopped that as a long time as it was getting too dangerous. Although I sometimes consider setting up a new unconnected one just so I can have a good old rant! x

  15. Hi Braja, Gorgeous yes. Delicious no, alas...

    Hi That Girl39, another blog, tempting, I've thought of it myself. I've always admired writers who write about their lives with fearless honesty. And thank you! I wish I appreciated my talent more. I'm getting there...x

  16. I absolutely love painting number 2, the way the skirt clashes perfectly with the boots, the shading, the color. Great job!

  17. The paintings both have life and energy coming out of them...different feelings of course...but they pull me in and I feel I know only enough about each to want to know more. I love all art but what makes some things stand out for me is a kind of mysterious staying power. When I want to go back and look again.

  18. Thanks Patty, I really appreciate that! It's not done yet but I'm glad it works even at this early stage.

    Hi Bagman and Butler, thank you so much! I can never tell how others will react to my work so it's really nice to hear that. :)

  19. I'm very anxious to see how this series turns out.

    The one finished painting is very nice, but it will be very interesting to see it as part of the whole.

  20. Thanks Chris! And I'm anxious to see how it turns out as well!!!!

  21. That's why I'm so glad I'm anonymous and no one knows about me.

  22. Hi BB, you were wiser than I was when I first started to blog. I wasn't sure anyone would ever read this blog so why bother to make it anonymous? Oh well...

  23. You've got a good idea to capture a part of this society's culture few even think about anymore. Good start.


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