Thursday, July 1, 2010

Through a child's eye

Hey everyone, still here, but am getting over a pretty bad cough right now so have stayed away from posting (i. e. complaining).

Anyway, had lunch with my sister and her family last week at the airport during their stopover at SFO before they headed the rest of their way back home to Maryland. During the lunch I gave my camera and my sketchbook over to my nieces to play with. And Vivienne, the two year old, who has been learning about ghosts and devils from her older brother Sam, drew this monster...

First she drew in the details, then she covered it over as if to erase it. Some kind of infantile coping mechanism? Maybe. The figure hovering behind the monster supposed to be me, btw.

Vivienne drawing the monster...
Lili's portrait of me...
Interesting how they both drew my hair in exactly the same way.

These are the photographs Lili took...
Sam (above) and Philip and my sister (below)
Me looking tres thoughtful and deep (of course!) Am actually eating, thank goodness she didn't get a shot of me dribbling food off my chin...
Baby Vivienne...
Lili's self portrait...
Happy fourth of July everyone!!!


  1. What woodgie-woo-cutie-wootie faces!! I find children's art to be so fascinating.

  2. they are SO CUTE!!!! they take after YOU!

    i hope you have a fab weekend!!!

  3. What a lovely family get-together, Cheryl. Love the photos and your niece's picture. Hope you're feeling much better now, gorgeous girl. xx

  4. So cute. And I do love your hair (lol). Hope you had a great long weekend.

  5. Hi La Belette Rouge, me too. I love their imagination and the way they inadvertently express themselves through their art.

    Thanks Drollgirl!!! I did...hope you did (and will) too!!

    Hi Carol Anne, me too. I am...somewhat...xx

    hi Lianne, yeah, me too :) I especially like Lili gave me big huge eyes.

  6. Awww - you just want to eat them up they are so cute! Love that your picture has so many stars... you are highly thought of me thinks! Happy July!

  7. Hi Shannon!!! Aw...just what I needed to hear right now!!! Will visit you soon, promise! xo

  8. what an adorable family you have! so creative, too, just like their auntie!

  9. And I hope you're feeling better, now, too!!!

  10. very sweet. I love kids pictures. thanks for sharing. just been playing around with my blog and changing the comments moderation as I seem to be attracting some Chinese porn site spam. V boring.

  11. Thanks Maggie, they are super creative! I'm always amazed with that they come up with. Sam wrote and illustrated his won anthology of imaginary animals. Wish I'd had time to copy them. And thanks! Yes, feeling so much better now!!!

  12. Hi Phil! Your welcome. Had to happen sooner or later, right? family pics... I got that too. I think they hit every blog out there sooner or later.

  13. I got your comment on my blog... hope you are o.k.? I'm thinking of you. Take care of yourself. Much love - Shanster


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