Monday, July 9, 2012

Park sketch

Trying something new for my Buenos Aires sketches, more cartoony, quicker to do, and a bit more personal. Might expand to short, illustrated stories.


  1. Hey, Cheryl!!!!
    Just took a look at your other sketches as well...Lov'em all!!!
    How's you, gal???
    Lotsa hugs from Mex City!!


    1. Hey Lena!!!! so good to see your comments again!! Have missed you on FB.

      I'm…trying to figure things out. Still learning to be happy despite it all.

      Bug hugs from Buenos Aires!! :)

    2. Have missed you too!! I won't go back to FB, though...
      But I'll come visit here more often... Promised!!! :)
      Oodles of love!!!

  2. Quicker to do..., but still with your special touch! Nice!!

  3. nice sketch! i like how everything is on the same radar color except the blue scarf is standing out

    would you mind checking out my mini-story? would like to hear what you think :D


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