Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A nightclub full of artists

Look at us.

Artists. In a nightclub.

Alcohol. Music.

Sexy people showing lots of cleavage.

And what are we doing?


This guy, at least, is using the opportunity to indulge in his private fantasies... Hope he didn't mind me peeking over his shoulder, taking a photograph, and posting it on my blog.

But what's this guy doing?!!!
There's a half naked girl on stage and he's drawing his neighbors.

Some of my own sketches...
I'd planned to write more, the things going on in my life at the moment and all that. But all I can come up with, late this Tuesday night, is some morose kind of art rant which began sometime during that art workshop Monday night when I made the error of comparing the course of my career path, that sad, erratic mountain range, to those artists, many of them former classmates, who are getting by quite nicely doing what they love. Variations of that inner rant is always there, somewhere, actually. Silent monologues of self doubt, the reasons for and against, and so on. Eff it all. I'm taking Wednesday off. Free day at the Academy of Sciences. I'm going to draw dinosaurs, rain forests or just stare blankly at the stars in between contemplating what a speck of nothing my worries and self doubts are. Then Thursday morning, or Wednesday night, I might come back and delete this little rant, embarrassed at this public evidence of my fears getting the better of me as I make ready to send my portfolio out to all the illustration agencies out there. And as I reconsider my Pixar/Disney/Lucas/Dreamworks dreams...

Oh no, rant coming on again. Later all...


  1. Wow! Look at all you artists in such an inspiring atmosphere. What a vibrant art scene you belong to, Cheryl. It's brilliant! As for `doubt days', don't worry! I have plenty of those too. All part of the creative journey and, to me, means that you're constantly striving to succeed in your goals. Keep moving forwards and enjoy the magical path that you're on. xx

  2. You won't believe this, but French TV had a spot on this club! I saw this on TV here in France. You are world famous now!!!!
    Good luck with Pixar.

  3. Cheryl, you multi-talented artist, brilliant writer, amazing human being, do you realize how much you have to offer? I love your sketches, they are so good, and the photos you posted of everyone drawing. I would do that too, sketch the people around me sketching...
    Your turn will come, when you least expect it, you will have the offer you have been waiting for. You certainly deserve it, and I am sending you all my best wishes for that offer to arrive very soon. What a joy it is to come to your blog!

  4. Rants are good - can actually help get rid of those self-doubts or at least take some of the edge off. A day off works wonders, too!

    (Your work is excellent!)

  5. What an awesome concept - an artist nightclub - amazing. And such nice work, all of you.

    And don't worry about the self-doubt and rants, we are all plagued by them and you wouldn't be an artist without them!

  6. It's just a matter of time, and you're not lacking the talent, ambition or determination, it will happen for you!

    That artist nightclub place looks intimidatingly cool!

  7. Rant all you want! It cleans the soul. Dreams can change, as long as you don't stop dreaming!

  8. Well they appear to be drawing - you're taking photos lol. Seriously though, nice sketches. And being in a nightclub and not drinking/dancing just seems wrong but don't worry I'll make it up for the pair of us at the weekend :-P

  9. Oh Cheryl, your life seems VERY interesting. I say this all the time, but I wish I had even a pinkie's worth of the talent you have.

    The night club get together looks totally awesome.

  10. oh, i love your work here! you know what? the drawing you have done here reminds be a bit of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. now that should make you feel fantastic!!! i hope it does.

  11. What fun! Where is this at? I hope you don't mind me asking? I'd heard of a place in Pasadena where you could draw models for free but never visited... hope you don't mind me asking? Maybe I missed it... off to look again. :)

  12. Hey Gabbi, oh, I forgot to mention it but it's at 111 Minna, SF, a workshop held once a month. It's $10 to get in, but so worth it! The organizers of this workshop, a burlesque group, have another monthly one which for some reasons I never get around going to. Not in a nightclub, but they serve alcohol there too.

  13. Cheryl, thank you for your comment about Patagonia in my mind. Your question is mine exactly, "whatever happened to that baby? Where is she or he?What became of him/her?" But while the Difunta Correa's story is known all over, no one could tell me anything about the baby.

  14. Was this a class? How interesting everyone is standing around drawing with all that good beer in front of them!

    We all have doubt about our abilities and place in life... esp. when we are starting out. You will succeed!

  15. What a magnificently creative environment... I'd love to hang out there with a pint and a latte. And about the occasional doubts and comparisons, I know those times here and there and just have to ride them out. I find there's no reasoning with myself in those states, so I just endure until the wave deposits me back on steady shores. Then I just pick myself up and continue on my journey as if nothing's happened (which is probably where you're at by now).
    Delightful sketches and interesting photos.
    PS -- In regards to the gentlemen drawing his fantasies... apparently there are still a few straight men in SF! ;)

  16. I loved this post. I think it's great that you are out "doing" art. Good luck with the job hunt. I'm sure it will all work out!

  17. Your simple drawings so clearly show your talent! ... and about your doubts; you will always doubt, even when you reach "success"! That's part of life, perhaps especially (but not only)for artists!

  18. Hi Carol Anne, you're so right! Part of the creative journey. The part that sucks, for sure, but nothing I haven't experienced and overcome before. Thanks for helping me see it in a more positive light, xx

    Hey Dedene, really? I guess a place where you can drink liquor and draw burlesque performers would be of interest over there. That's awesome.

    Hi Celeste Maia, thank you for your empathy, the true empathy of a fellow artist. I am so glad you found me and have become part of my creative circle. And thank you for your best wishes, the best kind of gift you can give anyone! This place is a great find, btw, I can imagine what fun it would be to go with you there and get your insight on things.

    Hi Beth, it does help, though looking at it again I realize I didn't rant on in my blog as much as I'd feared. I think just admitting to such feelings is difficult for me. I cringe at pity. The day off did work wonders, though I didn't quite make it into the Academy of Sciences. I made it to the outside, where I saw the four hour lines waiting to get in. But walking through GG park and then having a little picnic by the beach, little pleasures for myself alone and where I felt obligated to no one, was wonderful. Getting back to my regular self imposed work schedule the next day, not so easy...

  19. Very talented, your sketches are lovely. I think we all need to stare at the stars from time to time. I have to say that because I do it often!

    CJ xx

  20. Hi Embee, thanks, it does come with the territory doesn't it? Ah well. The nightclub isn't like that every night. Most night's it's just a regular nightclub though it does always feature local artists on its walls.

    Hi Feist, yeah, a matter of time. I think I don't have enough confidence in my own work sometimes. I want the 'validation' of working for a big name film or animation studio.

    The nightclub is cool, I have to say. We artists aren't so cool, unfortunately. Most of us are socially maladjusted geeks who feel more comfortable communicating through our art.

    Hi Dutch Donut Girl, Yeah, it does help point you in another direction, which for me was a break from the same old routine which, so far anyway, seems to be getting me nowhere. But back to normal this week and happy to be here.

  21. Argh! Workers outside fiddling with the power lines. Will have to reply quickly here before power is cut off once again...

    Hey Toni, yeah, I was thinking hey what are you doing taking photographs while everyone else is drawing? But I tried to get both in, mostly drawing, some photo taking. Truth is, after an hour or so of sketching I was starting to get antsy. And it does seem weird, but nice too, to be in a nightclub where some guy isn't trying to bump and grind you or kiss you two minutes after meeting them

  22. Accgh! This is excruciating! D--- power line guys.

    Hey Theresa, Thank you so much! I really appreciate your support.

    Hey Drollgirl, hey, hey, I really appreciate that! Don't worry, my mood had nothing to do with you not liking my Obama ears! I love Toulouse -Lautrec, if anyone can consider my drawings as good as his, I'm happy :)

  23. Hey Celeste Maia, I bet someone knows! What a goos story that would be. Though, if I were that child, I might not want to remember. or If I were the foster parents of that child, I'm sure I would never tell the child the truth for fear of upsetting him or her.

    Hi Shanster, It was a once a month drawing workshop through a burlesque club or troupe called Bombshell Betty. I've been to their other workshops (heck, I've even considered joining! What fun that would be! One good thing about burlesque, seems you don;t have to be in perfect shape to do it). I can't draw myself while I'm drinking so I stuck to water, but everyone else was drinking beer, wine, mixed drinks and drawing just fine. Wish I could do that.

    And thanks for your encouragement. I know this intuitively, but every once in a while I look around em and think, show me the money!

    Hi David, Yeah, I'm sure you would love it there! It's just nice to hang out at places like that. I love it there.

    And yeah, I feel better this week. A break can do wonders. So can getting back to work :) It's comforting to know this is a universal experience. It doesn't make it easier when you're right in the middle of it, but it does help you to take yourself less seriously.

    Thanks Maya, that means a lot!

    HI Peter, thank you! And you're right, doubts are part of the human condition. And a good excuse to spend the day by the seaside!

    Hi Crystal Jigsaw, thank you! I appreciate that! I should do it (star at the stars) more often too!) Unfortunately, to do that here I have to go at least an hour away in any direction. xx


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