Friday, February 12, 2010

Cheryl's choice

This dream of a doll house (which I photographed last year while visiting the Smithsonian Museum of American History with my sister) has always struck a cord with me. It feels head, my world =
Except mine is more complicated, messier, books and clothes strewn about everywhere, with rooms that really need a good dusting (odd term, that. Undusting sounds far more accurate), and rooms that are half finished and rooms yet to be built. Not to mention big picture windows, a yard with paths leading to the outside world, etc. To take one of those paths means setting aside work for awhile which is hard for me to do sometimes. I have to close the door to distraction in order to get the work done. But too many days like this makes me restless. Which is probably why I'm feeling the urge for a long walk in the sunshine this weekend. Hiking weekend, yay!

Here are a few things I've been working on...
I've never designed specifically for a graphic novel before and finding inspiration through artists like Chris Appalhans, Scottie Young (he has a pretty funny podcast, too), Dice Tsutsumi, Peter deSeve, etc. has been a lot of fun. Every unique style communicates with a different sounding vocabulary and I've been struggling to find the right (and my very own) vocabulary for the first story I'm working on. So I've been doing some experimenting, and these sketches show the direction I'm about eighty percent sure I want to go in...
Then again, I might save it for the next story. And for this one go back to this style...

which I really like. It feels dreamier somehow, while the former feels more comical. But the latter takes about twice as long to do.

Oh well, choices, choices, I'll figure it out eventually.

Have a great weekend, folks!


  1. I like both styles. You are very talented!!

  2. You ARE very talented! I like the comparison of the doll house to your mind... I always think of files... maybe like the old card catalogs in libraries? Have a great weekend!

  3. Your work is amazing! the blue haired person looks like a potential villain for a Disney film!

    And I can relate to the life+ doll house theory for sure...

  4. I really like the drawing of the people sitting having coffee. Nice mood. And lots of character in the faces and postures. Very nice.

  5. Your art work is so different, yet so stunning and amazing. I agree, the blue haired person looks just like a Disney character, yet the other character are so interesting...showing so much emotion, and details. Very powerful. You do have an amazing talent.

    Love the life and doll house theory. I can really relate to that!!!!
    Have a great week. Good luck with your drawings and keep the HOPE up.

  6. You are incredibly talented, Cheryl. Your work is fantastic and full of energy. As for style, you are wonderfully adaptable with such a depth of imagination. I hope more art and publishing houses take notice!!! Have a wonderful hiking weekend, dear one. Be inspired! Much love and bright wishes. xx

  7. You are so talented. Hope you have a lovely Valentine's day and a great weekend.

  8. That doll house speaks to me - to the child who always craved having one.
    I'm still loving the one of the young girl in bed looking out the window - and find your sketches delightful as well.

  9. I understand your doubts ... if you feel that you have to for one style, making it somehow your “signature”. I guess it’s a dilemma, when you at the same time probably have wishes to create and imagine other ways. I can’t help you, sorry!
    Anyhow, I repeat that I really admire your talent. How you managed to design this girl flying over the city, with a perfect perspective is just fabulous! The girl in her bed... I wonder how you made the wonderful stained glassed window behind the blue haired lady.

  10. Thanks Maya!

    Hi Shanster, I remember those files! Somewhere out there is a land fill full of them

    Hi Maggie, yeah! my design was clear! And yeah, all those rooms, all those thoughts and memories to get caught up in. It's easy to lose sight of the big picture, to get too comfortable in your won little world...

  11. Hi Chris, thanks! I had trouble finding the right colors for that one so just made things easier for myself by sticking to a monotone pallet.

    Hi Cheryl, thank you! I love the way you put that. Work, (doing artwork rather than thinking about how the work'll be received) always keeps my hopes high. It keeps me centered.

    Wow, a lot of people get the doll house thing!

    Thank you Elizabeth!!!!

  12. Hi Carole Anne, thank you so much! It really does help when my life is calmer, it forces me to channel more of my energy towards my artwork. And we'll see...if I keep this up it's only a matter of time. Love to you too my dear, xx

    Hi Dedene, thank you! The same to you, or rather, this being Monday morning over here, I hope you have a great week!

    Hi Beth, I always wanted one too. I mean I did, but it was a small Barbie one that broke in no time. And I had a wooden one that, thanks to my dad, stirs up bad memories.

    I really like that one and I;m so glad you do too!!!

    Hi Peter, perspective has always been tough for me, which may be why I gravitate towards images with difficult perspective. I hate that it's hard for me.

    I'll do some more experimenting. I think I'll know for sure when I finish fine tuning the story...

  13. I'v heard of ceilings with stars, but not floors. Do you know Faith Ringgold's book Tar Beach?


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