Monday, February 15, 2010

A whole lotta...

I wish this was an anonymous blog. I had a rather interesting V-day weekend. I love when life surprises me (in a good way), when I look in the mirror and like what I see, when I jump in rather than play it safe. Could have gone the other way. V-day weekend could have been a mine field. But focusing on creative work has more or less kept me grounded. And, the other day while riding the train, when I was starting to think sad thoughts about myself, I looked up and saw this man whose face expressed so much sadness. I wanted to put my arm around him like an angel from Wings Of Desire. And with that, the urge to comfort rather than to wallow, the deceiving fog of self pity lifted and I knew everything would be alright. Then life throws a curve ball at me again. Or is it? I don't know yet. Life is inexplicable, scary, awesome, frustrating, a lot of fun, I don't want to miss a minute of it...and...I trust that life is leading me in the right direction, no matter what happens...

So, I stopped by my alma mater recently to see the Graduate Fine Art Photography exhibit. I love fine art photography and I saw there some really promising artists...
Dickhead, so to speak...
Hee, hee...
The models...

Ivan Feerman...
I love this series. It feels a lot like my goth true self/projected image project. So it's a bit disconcerting to see someone else do the same thing. But really interesting to see their take on it as well.

So, after those fine works, some of my own. I call it...Saturday, SF Waterfront...yeah...If only the guy in the white hoodie had been wearing red...
I gave this hard working guy a dollar...
one for this kid too...
but not this guy...
Loved his sign though. Who has spare weed just ready to hand out, I ask you? Well, in SF, a lot of people I guess...


  1. first off, congrats on the being an adult thing. haven't reached that stage yet (possible never) but i hope to one day right that on my blog or anywhere really. and i love the penis pics!

  2. Hi Awesome Sara, great to hear from you again! The adult thing comes and goes. Most days I feel like a confused kid pretending to be a grown up.

    Yeah, those were interesting...

  3. love the b@w shots. rad!

    and the dick shots! hahahah!!

  4. Hi drollgirl, hee, hee...

  5. That last guy, he's so enterprising.

  6. Hi Elizabeth, yeah, nice way to spend the day...

  7. I think we have to learn to trust that no matter what direction life leads us, it’s the right one. And, yes, at times, it’s difficult to see/believe that…
    I enjoyed the art work!

  8. Hi Beth, yes, why do we sometimes agonize over everything? Even among my older friends who worry over every little thing. Haven't we gone far enough in life to trust that we can handle whatever happens by now, so called good or bad? It's like drawing quick sketches, the less you think about it the better the drawing.

    I enjoyed the artwork too, wish I'd taken more photo examples. Some artists with bright futures ahead of them for sure.

  9. I suppose a way to get around your lack on anonymity is to tell stories about your *friends*;-).
    Well, even if we don't get that story---I do love the art. And, I got a kick out of your photo-montage of the arts you are supporting.

  10. Art can be surprising (maybe must be today?)!

    Would not be surprised if the guy finally got some spare weed! Looks like that this was not his first try! :-)

  11. Hi La Belette Rouge, I was just thinking that yesterday! I'll think about it...

    And thanks, being an artist and having done what they do once (summer of 98 to make money for a trip to Europe) I feel a sense of kinship with street artists and musicians.

    Hi Peter, me neither. He wasn't there on my way back so I suppose he must have either been shoo'd away by the police because of his sign (not likely in SF) or he got what he wanted.

    And yes, I love art that surprises me or makes me laugh.

  12. I enjoyed the very creative art! It looked like a very fun day. It reminded me so much of the time we spent in SF. Wish we could live there. Your photos really captured the spirit of the day.

  13. Hi Cheryl, I'm glad, and it was a really fun day, the perfect weather, perfect mood - a really good hair day! Always glad for good hair days. xx

  14. I'm happy you had a FUN valentimes and not one filled with pot-holes... oh wait... did I just make a pun?? Loved your post - the nipple and penis pictures are awesome.

    It can be hard not to wallow...I've been wallowing a bit this winter. Trying to find outs for that and get out of my little wallow hole. :)

  15. Hee, hee, good one Shanster! Yeah, I got a big kick out of them. Was worried it might offend some people, but since no one has protested...

    It is so very hard not to wallow sometimes. Especially when you're feeling tired and have a lot on your plate (like I feel today). When I get in these moods, I forget I'm in the driver's seat until I notice I'm about to skid on some ice if I don't correct my course. Oh well, a nap, a good lunch, maybe a long walk, diving back into this painting which is driving me up the wall, will try all of these today...

  16. Wow... you are right about these artists... promising indeed...

    I just spent an hour trying to explain impressionism to one of my students...
    Light, colour...

    Turns out being a visual artist and a musician are very much the same... Right?

    I will take a better look at your blog, the little I got to see of it right now? I dig!

  17. The man with the 'weed' sign is so funny! I wonder if he got any......... far out man! LOL!

  18. Hi Lena, that's why I love street musicians, or all musicians rather. Gotta get into the flow to let the music, or the drawing or painting, out. And thanks for dropping by, I love the super cute shoes you're wearing in your blog header, btw!

    Hi Vintage Kitten, yeah, I'm so glad I took his photo. I almost missed him. And like Peter said, he probably already had and was getting some for later!

  19. Hi Cheryl, thank you! They adorable, aren't they?
    I got them in Montreal a few years ago... I saw them and just had to buy them!!! :)
    Oh,do I love shoes!!! :)

  20. Lena - those are great souvenirs to take back from Montreal. I love shoe too! My current obsession are Seychelles, cute, artsy and within my budget.

  21. Sometimes it's more fun seeing work of students/grad students rather than established (constricted) internationally recognized folks. Interesting Bush portrait made out of fortune cookies....Oh.

  22. Artsparker - I do enjoy looking at student work. And fortune cookies, tee, hee!

  23. You seem like you're well past wallowing and into creative introspection. Looks good on you.

  24. That was a very impressive example of the work there. I loved the “dick” portrait!

  25. Hi Rick, more like just past rather than well past, but am holding steady and feeling good.

    DeCampo - Me, too!!!! Me too...

  26. OMG, Dickhead! Love it :)
    I would have volunteered for Nipplehead.


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