Thursday, August 12, 2010

My life right now

1. One sister, three nieces, five people, one small apartment and one car...for another two months and one week. (Long story, but basically two of my nieces need special schooling for two months for dyslexia, something they can't get over in Fiji, and with my sister's ridiculously high mortgage, the most practical solution is to squeeze in with me for a few months.)
2. One story to write. And rewrite. And rewrite again.
3. Four more community service hours...
4. One kickball game I was really looking forward to (because kicking things is really good therapy)...canceled. Darn.
5. Five blessedly solitary hours to write...or not write.
6. Six nights (and counting) sleeping on the floor.
7. Three totally free (ahem) art programs to install on my computer...if I only knew how.
8. One horoscope reading by an astrologer friend who basically said all this plus the drama, heartache, disappointment and frustrations of the past year is because that tiny, faraway planet Pluto has been and will continue to press down on me until April 30th, 2013. For my own good supposedly. Out with the old, in with the new, big changes are being forced upon me. And the more I fight this weeding out process the harder I'll make things for myself.

So, with that in mind, instead of getting frustrated over all the words constipating in my head maybe I should instead see this as an opportunity to write a rather simple but long needed blog post and to eat a big bowl of peach ice cream--(worse for you, cholesterol wise, than a plate of spare ribs, someone told me recently. But I am choosing to forget that pointless bit of information.) As for the four visitors who've taken up most of my living space, including my big, comfy bed...It is nice to be needed. Within limits. And little Vivienne is awfully cute.

Still, can't help wishing it were 2013 already.


  1. Peach ice cream has the power to cancel out all of Pluto's powers( okay, it may not be true. But it feels true in the moment you are eating it). Hope you get some writing done and that you get to sleep in a bed and that you will soon get to kick something.

  2. Wow - busy, busy, busy! I'm glad you stand up and are there for your family when needed. You are so great that way! I can't even imagine that lack of space and priviacy! You are a rock star! Hey, it has peaches in it ... it's good for you. grin. 2013 will be here before we all know it... all the very, very best to you.

  3. I like your blog. It would be really kind if you would add: to your blog list. God bless you! Jim

  4. You are a great sister/aunt!
    Ouch, sleeping on the floor can be uncomfortable.

    Write your little hearts out... not literally, of course!

    Oh, and I love your new profile 'picture'.

    I believe in astrology but I do not believe in its predictions. So I encourage you to live your "dream". You just need to believe that tides will turn before 2013.

    Have a nice Sunday!

  5. Bright wishes, Cheryl. I really hope things work out for you well before the astrological prediction. xx

  6. Hi La Belette Rouge - so do, unfortunately, hot dogs, hamburgers, candy, soda and Cheetos. Am not used to having so much junk food in my kitchen. Cannot resist. Today I had a corn dog, Cheetos and a diet coke for lunch. Horrible...

    Hi Shannon, super busy. Unfortunately not the kind of busy I'm used to. Finding time, and the mental space, to work is the biggest challenge I face right now. That and keeping my perspective/sense of humor. Maybe eating the rest of the Cheetos will help...

    Hi JTS, welcome! And maybe. I'll check it out. But to be honest I don't really consider myself a Catholic any more. I do respect it's core teachings, though.

    Hi Dutch Donut Girl, not sure what to make of astrology. It does seem spot on in my case. But that could just be a coincidence. Still, just in case, going with the flow...

    Hi Carol Anne, bright wishes to you too!!! Things are going not as I'd truly like, but, it's alright. I make a child her breakfast rather than stare at the computer first thing. I cut a writing session short to take a child on a roller coaster. I'm there for a sister who's not at her best without while trying not pulled under myself. I'm learning. It's all good. xxx


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