Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My week in bits and pieces

Things - Strawberry flavored makeup. Playdough confetti stuck on my rug. Half eaten Oreo cookies. Welch's grape jelly. Corn dogs. Pop tarts. Goldfish. Hannah Montana songs. Minnie Mouse drinking cups. Sponge Bob Square Pants. Caillou. Elmo. Cotton Candy. Candy. Hot dogs. Pizza. Teddy Bears.
Words - Cheryl, I want...--Mommy, I want...--Hey, that's mine! --No, it's not! It's mine!--No!!!--Gimme!--Can you..?--Can I have...?--Can we go...?--I'm so starving!--Why you hit me?--Go to sleep!--One more sound and you get a spanking!--Stop it!--I hate you, stupidhead!--Stupidhed! Stupidhead! Stupidhead!--Be quiet!!!!--Are we there yet?--How long is it?--Ten minutes.--How long is ten minutes? One show or half a show? - I put makeup on my wips. See? Smell. - On your wips? - No! My wips!
The girls trying on my shoes ^

Places - Capitola Beach, Half Moon Bay beach, every playground in Alameda, Golden Gate Park, some place in Napa where I had the best Tuna & Wasabi burger, and...

Santa Cruz. Olivia and Lili about to ride a roller coaster on their own for the first time...
Vivienne's camera face...
All wrapped up for a California evening at the beach...
Some sketching bits and pieces I've done in cafe's, workshops, and during train rides...
which about sums up all the artwork I've managed to create lately.

Lili's family portrait...
Two months and half a week to go...


  1. How sweet! You've managed to turn bits and pieces, some of which I'm sure you found quite annoying, into a beautiful little homage. And I adore your artistic sensibility...even the sketches have a life of their own!

  2. Thanks Margaret! Yeah, I have found keeping my patience to be a real challenge lately. It would be so much easier if only I had more room. Still, they are utterly hilarious.

  3. Gee, looks like Lily has inherited your talent! Hope you're patience holds up and that you enjoy every minute.

  4. Hi Dedene, You should see her paintings! I'll try to upload one soon.

    I try to enjoy every minute...Or at least a few minutes here and there. It helps when my sister takes the kids out for the whole day and I can get a normal day's work done. Otherwise, well...August is vacation month...

  5. Aw, the girls are beautiful.

    Hang in there, have fun and sketch.

  6. Lovely post. The girls are very cute.

    I really like your sketches too.

  7. Wow. I got a complete pix of your life in that post. Hang in there! They are all so lucky to have you in their lives... what a great family.

  8. Thanks Dutch Donut Girl. I will!

    Hi Chris, thanks!

  9. Hi Shannon, the cleaned up version of my life! I've managed to get a lot more writing done this week so am feeling much better thank goodness! And, crowded or not, I know I'm lucky to have them in my lives, too!!!

  10. Like already commented above, I was impressed by Lily's family portrait - although I don't know the real faces of all of the members! ... and of course, by your sketches and the way you write about all this!!

  11. Fun times! Love the sketches - yours and Lili's. xx

  12. Those children are clearly not tall enough to ride the coaster.

  13. Both you and Lili have a whole lot of style. I love how all her figures head are tiled to the right. xo

  14. Cute and I love Vivienne's camera face. Determination as displayed through gritted teeth. The kids must wear you out and be a bundle of delighted suprises at the same time.


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