Friday, February 4, 2011

A contest and some new work

I've been entering every contest I can lately and one of them is a Talenthouse contest whose theme is love. Winner gets to photograph the rock group Maroon 5 during their US tour. S0 please!---please!!---please!!!---click here and vote for me :)

Some new work -
Above, my newest Etsy sketch. Below, a sketch I did in Golden Gate Park.
One of the character sketches I did recently for Dragon Pencil. This character isn't going to go anywhere but hopefully one of my other designs will.
After a week or so of doing nothing but characters, I felt the need for a landscape painting -
Happy Friday!!!


  1. I love the house and Golden Gate park sketches. You are a talented one!

  2. I so love your characters, Cheryl!! They totally make me smile!!

    Tonsa hugs!! XXX

  3. Thanks Lena!! And thank you so much for supporting me on Talenthouse!!!! It means a lot.
    Hugs back, XOXO

  4. Yes, I did also my best, even tried twice! You know that you have some good friends, but you would need a few hundred blogger and Facebook friends!

  5. Always love it when you share your work - love it! My fingers are crossed for some contest winning!!!

  6. Hi Peter, yes, I knew there was no chance for me to win when I saw I needed another two or three hundred votes. But getting even one vote of confidence makes me feel good.

    Hi Shannon, thanks! The next contest I'll be entering is an illustrated poster contest for an indie film starring Sadie Frost (Dracula). I'll post it here when the contest opens up to voting. Even if I don't win I know I'll get some practice and a a good portfolio piece out of it.

  7. i love the landscape painting.

    and i can't stand maroon 5, but hope you win if that is what you want! lol

  8. Hi Drollgirl, haha, me neither, but that wouldn't have prevented me from happily becoming their concert photographer!

  9. This note is for Pixar: HIRE this woman, she is a BRILLIANT artist!xoxo

  10. Thanks Tracey!!!!!! Hope thatmessage gets through to them getting ready to apply there once again...xoxo

  11. Cheryl, you have such an amazing talent. All of these are GORGEOUS! I most especially liked the last one of the tree.

    Good luck and I hope you get your wish!

  12. Thanks Rebecca!! And I'm really glad you liked the last one.


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