Monday, February 28, 2011

Marching right along

...because I posted this minutes before March 1.

Anyway, being a stubbornly optimistic kind of person, I have entered yet another contest. This time a movie poster competition for a film about a fur crazy fashion designer who gets kidnapped by animal rights activists. I want to win real bad. But, after seeing which image won in the last contest I entered (it sucked. It really did. And I know I'm putting that into internet space for all to see, but it really did suck) I won't take it personally if I don't. This illustration, which I put a tremendous amount of effort into, will look good in my portfolio, at least. That said, please look here, and vote for me!!! It'll make me feel better (and appreciate you all the more!!) even if I don't win. Though I really hope I do.


  1. Fingers crossed here!!

  2. Good luck, good luck, good luck - all my fingers, toes, arms, legs and even my eyes are crossed for you!!!

  3. You have to win. Why??? Because it is so damn good.xoxo

  4. i hope you win! that would be rad!

  5. Thanks Lena, Shannon, Tracey and Drollgirl!!! Even if I don;t win, I'm so glad to have your support. xoxo

  6. I voted so you have to win :-)


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