Monday, May 23, 2011

Goth evolution


  1. Hi Cheryl, I enjoy following your progress as an artist.

    I too have had to distance myself from some family members. It is sad, but sometimes necessary.

  2. Thanks Susan, I so appreciate your support! It feels really good to know others understand where I'm coming from.

  3. a good attitude to have Cheryl. Be your own woman and your own artist. People, family included, will always draw their own conclusions from art and they can be negative. I said a 'fuck you' mentally to my brother when he went to town complaining about my humourous blog post about his un-trained dog.

    You have a great attitude, are very expressive in words and paintings and you will find you style.

  4. Cheryl... Your art... I love it... Will never say it enough...
    About your family... To me it's just that you share genes and that was merely by chance... No need to be friends, no need to listen to what they have to say... The more I grow up, the more I realise I can pick my own family amongst the ones I love and are my real friends...
    Oodles of love! XXX

  5. I feel for you in regards to your family. I had to cut ties with mine a few months ago and know how hard, but entirely necessary, it can be.

    Also, I love your art work!

  6. Great pics, Cheryl. I wasn't aware of the Goth Evolution as I am new to your blog, but I look forward to seeing more.

    My family is just the same by the way. They're not very supportive when it comes to 'breaking the mould' or my creative pursuits.

    And when it comes to something creative, you really are putting yourself on that page. So it feels like they are hating on PART OF ME.

    Lately, I try to make everyone else's opinions of my creative works, and of the way I live my life, less important than the way I feel about it. I think that helps me.

  7. It's so exquisitely satisfying to have heard from you again, and to be reminded of just how talented you are as an artist and communicator. You've been creatively endowed since an early age, haven't you!? That's a rhetorical question, by the way, so don't give in to the urge to discount the sentiment.
    David Lorell

  8. (I have a problem to comment in a normal way, a blogger problem with the google account?)

    I just love especially the second one! :-)


  9. Dear Cheryl,
    on are on the right path.
    The faster you emancipate yourself from your family, the better off you will be. Be your own woman and artist, forget about pleasing anybody else, your family included.
    I wish you much strength and happiness,
    you'll succeed, I am sure,
    much love,

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  11. Hey Cheryl - I'm anxious to hear how your work progresses and what happens with the residencies you are applying for! My fingers are double crossed for good to come your way.

    Family. It's hard. I struggle in many, many ways with all that has been left and I always wonder how different I'd be without that struggle and the baggage... I'll never know. I wish you peace...I haven't found mine yet either but I sure hope it's out there!


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