Friday, June 17, 2011

New work!!

Workshop sketches...

also on sale on my Etsy shop
More goth project sketches. Don't really like this one. I think it was more like therapy, or a dream where my mind needed to unload a few things. This, though I doubt I'll turn this into a painting, I like more...
Some concepts...


  1. Totally funky art as always. Love it! :-)
    P.S. Have you ever done a blog entry about how you go from initial sketch to final art on a project?

  2. Always a treat to see your work!

  3. You "like more", so do I! :-) ... and the first one, and the "concepts"...

  4. Thanks LKofSH, Susan, Shannon and Peter!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hi, I like the french, burlesque feel going on in those top ones. The mass of blue bodies is very cool, too, actually, is that the one you don't like? Though, making that a painting might be strange, but strange is what makes it interesting. I haven't got the nerve up yet to post my own 'sketches' yikes. great work


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