Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Positive visualization

I did this illustration for my friend S. (isn't she hot?) who requested help in her quest to find true and passionate love, self love, and greater happiness. So, for S. some positive visualization. Wish I could do more (besides this and aiding and abetting your ongoing adventures whenever possible) but you have what it takes, the perfect, gorgeous package, truly stunning inner beauty. Just let yourself shine and it'll all happen as it should.


  1. I love it!!!What a lovely gift you have your friend.

  2. haha she seems to be enjoying the boob grab! you get a great quality of line in your work and there's so much life in her face.

  3. I meant to say also,you are a very gifted lassie! How did you chance across "From Broughty Ferry to The Boulevard of Brokenness"? I'm glad you did, as it's great to have folk from all over the wee grassy ball reading each others offerings.

  4. this is a delightful illustration and you look like you would be a fabulous friend - your friend is blessed to have you

  5. Great pic, what a great talent you have and a great friend you are!

  6. La Belette Rouge - Thank you!

    Willustration - lol, thank you for your artistic input. Depending on the guy I'm sure anyone would enjoy a good boob grab.

    Psychonaught - Thanks! Can't remember how I came across your blog but I'm gald I did too.

    Odd Chick - thank you!

    Sally - Thanks!

  7. Thank you for your comments, Cheryl, please spread the word about "Broughty Ferry..." I shall do likewise with yours,

    Sean Urquhart AKA Psychonaut

  8. first time coming here. it felt like valentines.. i'd been to Reggie Girl, Butler and Bagman and then this.. another post about LOVE to read.. and I love it...

    Thanks for sharing. I guess I'll come here again soon.. You're also welcome to mine..

    Have a nice weekend.


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