Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's day to all those who are mothers, have mothers, will one day be mothers, or in any way share in the upbringing and welfare of a child. For this occasion I considered sharing old photos of my own mother and my siblings and I, but old photos tend to bring up bad memories. So I rifled through my computer instead and compiled some of my favorite photos of my nieces and nephews.

I think my sister is a great, great mother. And even though during visits, with the bickering and screaming and horsing around, I at times think, oh my God, these kids need to be put in a zoo, I suspect she and her husband are doing everything right in order to ensure their kids will be well adjusted, confident and happy men and women one day...(the kids last summer in Muir Woods and Disneyland.)

because her kids genuinely enjoy each other's company...(1. the girls goofing around while my sister and I try to enjoy afternoon tea. 2. & 3. the girls playing dress up. No. 3 wants to be a cowgirl, an architect - so she can build herself a pink house - and a rock star...all at once! She once explained how she'd manage this...she'll do her cowgirling in the morning, her architecting during the day, and be a rock star in the evening. You go future cowgirl/architect/rock star!!! No. 4, 'baby happy face,' is a riot, one of the funniest human beings I've ever met, and she's only five! When she grows up she wants to live in the house next to her mother. My cartoon icon up there, btw, was based on her. And the universally adored no. 5 loves puppies. Any animal be it monkey, squirrel or cat, is, to her, a puppy. The family dog has learned to stay out of arms reach of her for fear of being squeezed to death.)

and feel safe expressing their complaints, or sneaking just one piece of candy before dinner, or shining like little stars...(Latest on no. 5 is she's the naughtiest, rottenest one of the bunch. I found it hard to believe that this tiny package of overwhelming cuteness could in fact be a demon child but my sister provided many graphic examples to prove her claim. And I thought, well, if I were there she wouldn't be...OK, maybe not, but I like to think so anyway.)

they take care of each other without having to be asked... (1. & 2. the oldest keeping an eye on the youngest during trips to Philadelphia and the Hudson River Valley. 3. The youngest discovering she didn't want to play in the waves after all. "Baba big!" she kept crying.)

and, even though they're part of a large pack, they're still nurtured and recognized as individuals.
(The girls getting the princess treatment in Disneyland. The first photo reminds me of Rockwell's, Girl At the Mirror.)
(The oldest wants to be an oceanographer so my sister treated him to a scuba diving lesson in Monterey. 3. The boys in Philadelphia. 4. No. 2 goofing around at the Smithsonian. He wants to work at WDW either as a monorail driver or a vet at the Animal Kingdom, and have lots of kids - but no wife! Because girls are gross.)
(No. 2 with his 'little brother' days after the puppy's cast was removed. He'd been attacked by a bull dog, suffering a broken jaw and front leg and was nearly put to sleep because his vet fees were more than my sister could manage. A last minute good Samaritan saved his life by paying half his vet fees, then refusing any repayment. The shithead bulldog owner, btw, refused responsibility.)

I look forward to being as good a mother as my sister is one day.


  1. Beautiful star children, shaped and inspired by the loved ones in their lives!

    I'm sure you'll make a wonderful mother, Cheryl. Wishing you a sparkling day filled with happiness. x

  2. Thanks Carol Anne, the same to you! "Beautiful star children, shaped and inspired by the loved ones in their lives!" What a beautiful thought!

  3. What a beautiful post on your nieces and nephews… the photos convey a lot. I laughed at the cowgirl/architect/rockstar (incredible imagination and ambition), am thrilled that I now know the origin of your icon (and tickled at how the inspiration thinks monkeys and squirrels are puppies), and got a chuckle out of cutie demon child.
    And talk about dedicated parents (real professionals)… Disneyland royal treatment, the Smithsonian, and scuba lesson (in Monterey, no less!). Philadelphia must have been a bore in comparison.
    And lastly, how funny wanting lots of kids without the grossness of a girl being involved.
    Great post, packed with personality!

  4. Such nice stories about your neices and nephews! Love the pictures and the fun they are having. Had to laugh out loud about your nephew's comment "girls are gross"!

  5. Hi David, thank you! But oh no! It's actually demon child number 5, or Vivienne, who thinks all animals are puppies. My icon's based on number four, Lili. My sister and her husband are dedicated, for sure. Both of them are scout leaders, highly involved with school activities and their house is the go to house for play dates and sleep overs. Sometimes I almost wish I'd been born to them instead. But I think it's largely due to how inadequate my parents were that my sister is the kind of mother she is. She basically does whatever our parents did not do. And, not only Disneyland, Monterey and Philadelphia (the boys liked the history but the girls only wanted to go to the playground) but they've also been to, or lived in rather, Beijing, Tokyo and Toronto. And soon, Fiji. Lucky kids.

  6. Hi Shanster, I'm so glad you enjoyed them. I wasn't sure if others would like them as much as I do. I mean, would it be like watching another person's vacation videos? Number two...he's hilarious. He used to say (when he was five and six) that he'd buy a hotel when he grew up where he'd house all his many wives. Now he knows better...

  7. What a lovely pack they are. Happy Mother's Day everyone.

  8. Thanks Elizabeth! I appreciate you stopping by. Happy Mother's Day!

  9. You have an adorable brood calling you Auntie. Enjoy them and help your sister out. You have a second Mother's day coming up on June 7th here in France.

  10. The kids are so so cute! And I am sure you will make as good a mother as your sister is one day :-)

  11. What a great tribute to your family members. Adorable photos - no doubt they appreciate having you for an aunt!

  12. I left a comment, which vanished. A lovely tribute to your family. Adorable photos - no doubt your neices and nephews are thrilled to have you as their auntie!

  13. Dedene, Afternoon Tea Break, paris parfait - thank you so much for such kind comments. I really appreciate them and all of you having taken the time to read my post.


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