Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Goth walks into an ice cream parlor...

Spent the day painting and baking yesterday.
The goth project is going well. I finally sat down to look over photos from the second goth photo shoot - my double goth shoot - I took a while back. A lot of them came out better than expected. A few of them (maybe the one above? in color of course) will become paintings. My first goth painting is in that iffy stage. Will have to make corrections today. But since I haven't picked up my oils since July this is to be expected.

But the scones I made, if I do say so myself, were excellent! Top notch!
Moist, full of lemon and ginger flavor, mmm - so good!

Okay, I confess. It was a mix. But I didn't burn them, or get the water to mix ratio wrong. I did forget to put the oven at the right temperature, and I had to bake them at twice the usual time, but they didn't suffer for it, thank goodness

Tomorrow, I have hired a professional model to play goth for a few hours. An amazingly gorgeous one, I have to say. She reminds me of the French actress Isabelle Adjani. I would have preferred a genuine goth, but maybe a pretend goth will add another layer to this masks we wear/real selves etc. thing I'm exploring? We'll see. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Enjoy the creative exploring, Cheryl. I'll look forward to seeing the images as you dream them into being. xx

  2. Very exciting( both the goth project and the finger scones). I am thrilled for you. I can just feel all your creative energy. xoxo

  3. What a remarkable photo. I can't wait to see the painting, and the pic of the scones made me hungry, they look really good.

  4. Good luck and the scones look yummy! YUM.

  5. can't wait to see your goth paintings!!!

    and those scones?! lordy you are making me hongry and making me resent my icky lunch! i would much rather have a scone or 10!

  6. Have fun tomorrow and I hope the model works out better than imagined.

    The scones look yummy, but when have you ever really seen a bad scone?

  7. Good luck on your project. I hope you share some shots of your final project here for I would love to see and I live to far from where you would exhibit them, unfortunately!

    And the scones look YUMMY! Which mix, if you don't mind sharing? I like to make scones... not wait, let me rephrase, I like to EAT scones but from scratch take forever and no bakery in my rinkydink town offers them, so please share!

  8. Thanks everyone, Carol Anne, La Belette Rouge, Elizabeth, Dutch donut girl, drollgirl, Little Ms. Blogger and Maggie! That photo, so far is my favorite. I can't decide whether to leave it as is or make a painting of it. And I'm looking forward to seeing my current painting finished myself!

    The scone mix, Maggie, is by Sticky Fingers Bakery, which I found at Cost Plus World Market. But I'm sure lots of other places have them. Or the internet.

    And, Drollgirl, I had four for lunch yesterday! Not the best thing for my waistline, esp. with the cream and jam on top. But I think it was worth the extra workouts it'll cost me.

  9. my god, woman . . . i perused your photos and paintings on your other websites and . . . crikey!

    you are brilliant.


    i'm putting my sunglasses on, as we speak.

    you are clearly uber talented. i am A) in total awe and B) wholly, 100% jealous.

    keep surging forward.

  10. Gosh, I think I love you Lana Banana :)

  11. I remember when my cousin was a goth, she looked unbelievable, and always in need of a good wash! Those scones look fantastic, I so love scones with cream and jam, together with a perfectly made cuppa.

    CJ xx

  12. So, is she smelling her arm pit? ...just need to be sure. Also, I know that guy in that pick! I remember when u met him! wow... we go so far back! hehe

  13. Fun project! I can't wait to see the results. That top shot is wonderful. I wish I had one of those scones right now!!

  14. Hi Crystal Jigsaw, these goths were pretty well groomed, thank goodness. And I've always loved scones, ever since I read Wind in the Willows. I would so love to have tea and scones with Rat, Mole and Toady!

    Hi Yet, Hee, hee, it does look like she's smelling her arm pit! Thanks, now I'll think of that every time I look at that image. And yeah, in the first shoot he hadn't dyed his hair black yet.

    Hi Maya,thanks that's my favorite of the whole shoot, well that and one other. I could go for another batch myself, but will resist. In favor of chocolate instead...

  15. Hey - scones is scones and they are fabulous! Now I'm hungry....


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