Thursday, January 7, 2010

Marry Me, Road Work Ahead

Two signs (in NYC) which go oh so well together...
A few photos I forgot to squeeze into my last post...
L. and I went to Bingo Night at the Bowery Poetry Club where we were happy to lose since winners, in one round, had to walk on stage naked. (The other prizes weren't so great either). But I was wild to win the last round (a pot of $220) but was one square short!!! I wanted to leave in a huff after that but L. got me to stay for an open mic which featured some pretty atrocious acts. Like this guy...
whose lyrics (I'm gonna sex you up! etc. etc. I'm gonna sex her up! etc. etc. I'm gonna sex him up! etc. etc.) I've (mostly) deleted from memory. The guy dancing on the left turned out to be a remarkably bad poet. And the guy sitting down turned out to be a dancer who did this outrageous, yet strangely endearing dance routine set to Mr Roboto by Styxx...
This wasn't the only night spot we went to. We went to a few bars and a dance club on New Years Eve where I'd hoped to live out some Carrie Bradshaw-esque fantasy, meeting my own Aiden or Mr Big over an expensive cocktail. But it was not to be. Places like this, for meeting significant others anyway, are perhaps no longer for me. Because of course the moment I stop looking, like while walking down a street in Greenwich Village or taking a rest while enjoying some music in Central Park, then boom!...In short, I should stop trying so hard and keep looking forward (my themes for the year).

More cute window displays...

Okay, pictures out of the way. I am back home still settling into things, which means sleeping a lot (9 to 11 hours a night) and not getting much done. Last year I might have worried over this. So much to get done, no time to waste! But this year I've decided to take things more in stride. I'm sleeping a lot and doing a lot of nothing because my body and mind need a rest. I haven't been writing because other art projects need attending to.

And, while resting, I have envisioned my next painting series. Something I hoped to find all last year, but nothing I came up with felt right. So I'm going with an impulse I, for some reason, kept pushing aside, a series based on the goth photos I took, with some new goth models I'm hiring mixed in. In the gallery exhibition of my dreams (in London or Paris of course) I have a collection of paintings and fine art photographs displayed, the paintings done in a realistic yet dreamy style, like Thomas Wilmer Dewing and Lucien Freud mixed together (at least in my mind's eye, who knows how it'll actually turn out). The purpose of the series is to explore the roles we play, the masks we show to others, yet how our real selves show through all the same.

Last year I might have hesitated and agonized more. Can't I think of anything more ground breaking than that? But this year, after the comfort of a tarot reading that promised success and a new move if I went with this impulse (I know, so much for not hesitating, but I just had to make sure) I'm going with it. I'm looking forward and getting to work. Starting today.


  1. You are percolating, something us creative types need to do from time to time. And, by the sound of it, the "goth" project sounds incredible. Love the photos but then I always do.

  2. I'm a pretty well traveled girl but you can't take the Midwest out of the girl for the Catholics do all the BINGO here so there wouldn't be a NAKED anything! I giggled and re-read all of that... dang!

    Love the pictures!

    Love you personal outlook for the year. You rock!

    Enjoy the sleep while it comes, and not to worry. I could be a Gold Medal napper if such an event were Olympic, so sleep happy!

  3. Hi Elizabeth, true, I am percolating, and, in truth, enjoying my lazy mood. It's a nice change from the the past few weeks which have been non stop business. And thanks! I feel really enthusiastic about the goth project.

    Hi Maggie,I don't know if I would have gone up there naked if I'd won. Maybe I would have, but then again all those people, like me, taking photos and posting them on blogs and so forth.

    Am taking things in stride. What else is experience good for? Things always have a way of working out. Like today, found out my brother was really mad at me for not doing something he'd asked me to do a few hours earlier than I was able to. Sheesh! Go out of your way for someone. But oh well, he'll get over it.

    Yeah! Sleeping early again tonight! Must enjoy it while I can...

  4. Love the pictures, Cheryl, and the craziness of those nights out. All good experience for creativity! Most of all, I love your outlook for this year and this sense of going with the flow and being open to abundance. Dream and dance, gorgeous girl. Much love. xx

  5. "Starting today" sounds a good idea; better than maƱana! Hope you slept well first, fit for fight!

  6. "explore the roles we play, the masks we show to others, yet how our real selves show through all the same"
    The last bit has me intrigued with your next project... Great fodder for how we delude ourselves, while our real selves find escape and mock us in clear view of others.
    Can't wait to see what you come up with.
    David *
    PS -- Hey, was my real self just mocking me!?

  7. Yes - there is something to be said for the rejuvination of mind and body... rest up and thanks for the other great pictures! Oh man... having to go up on stage nekkid? I woulda forfeited my bingo prize! grin

  8. "Last year I might have hesitated and agonized more."
    A new year, new attitude - love it!

    I absolutely love also visual poetry of that first image, only in New York City!

    Perculating. I like that expression, it's so true: The body begs to rest, the mind pretends to, and then gets to work, and how! I have had days when all it took was a rest of ten minutes, then I felt the need to jump up and start creating, body and mind refueled and ready to go. Like a little miracle.

    May your New Year be filled with love and joy and creativity,
    among all the other things you wish for!

  9. Hi Carol Anne, and a good thing too, my chosen themes for the year, with the challenges (family related) the year has thrown at me already. Today I'm so grateful for my health and the opportunities I have, mainly the chance to put my creativity to good use! Life is good, xx

    Hi Peter, I've been sleeping wonderfully all week! And feeling better ands better because of it. I went from feeling like I was sleepwalking through my day (when I first got back) to ready to tackle anything that comes my way.

    Hi David, yeah, maybe it's because labels make me so uncomfortable, the way we try to box people in according to age, occupation, or limiting words like opinionated, shy, sensitive, etc. The minute someone does that to me I always feel a sense of disappointment, a sense that this person isn't interested in getting to know the real me. But we do that to ourselves as well. And many times relate to others and live our lives according to how we think of ourselves. Anyway...the project is still evolving. I can;t wait to see how it all turns out either!

    Hi Shanster, resting too much now. I am itching to immerse myself in...something! Thank goodness it's freezing outside and my funds are on the low end this weekend. Which means a weekend (mostly) of work getting done, just what I need!

    Hi Merisi, a much healthier attitude this year, thank goodness. And in that fueled and ready to create mood I've been waiting for all week.

    And thanks, truthfully, I didn't even notice the second sign until I looked the photo over again on my computer. But I did have a sense of this image was meant to be seen by me, if that makes any sense.

    Joy, love, creativity, wishes come true, can't wish for anything better! Thank you and the same to you!!!

  10. sounds like you are doing well! and it is good to take care of yourself and try not to fret so much. i am doing the same. :)

    p.s. love the window displays!

  11. I love the Marry Me/Road Work Ahead. I'm a big fan of graffiti and although I can't tell if that "marry me" sign is actually graffiti, I still like it! Looks like you had an awesome time! I was in CT at New Year's, so not so far away from NYC!

  12. Thanks drollgirl, I was pretty amazed by the windows there, along with everything else. And I'm glad your taking better care of yourself too. Everything always works better when you're not trying so hard.

    Hi Embee, me too. I'm not sure either, but I like to think it was created by someone proposing to his girlfriend and the couple were later married right in that church. Sigh...

    And CT! I wanted to tke a train up there just to be there, but we didn't have enough time. One day...

  13. Just found your blog and was hypnotized by your photos...though in CA for the past 10 years (YIKES), was born and raised on the East Coast and the pictures were comforting! Hope you had a blast in NYC!

  14. Oh that first picture hits the nail on the head.

    I'm not shy about my body but I don't think I have it in me to walk naked on stage. What kind of prize is that?!?

    Have fun with your next painting series.

  15. Don't look, just DO. Do what you enjoy doing in places where other people also enjoy what you enjoy doing and you will meet someone of like mind. :-)

  16. ?The purpose of the series is to explore the roles we play, the masks we show to others, yet how our real selves show through all the same."

    Sounds fabulous. Always exciting to have a new project in mind's eye. I've enjoyed the pictures of NYC. I so love NYC. Best of luck and I'm all for resting up.

  17. Hi Johanna, Welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed my photos, I had a great time taking them while exploring NY. I love the east coast and esp. love that city!

    Hi Dutch Donut Girl, yeah they were also given some crap prizes like a plastic purse and so forth but to get them they had to go on stage naked. Was entertaining to watch at least...

    Am making good progress on the painting series, it's going faster than I first thought it would. Have an appointment to photograph a female (and professional) model this Thursday. Should get some awesome images from it, for sure.

    Hi Maya, so right! have been practicing just that, going with gut feelings rather than what I think I should do and so on. And so far is going really well. At least I'm not creating as much trouble for myself as I usually do.

    Hi Midlife Jobhunter, thanks! And yes, I love this stage of a project, when everything is all possibility. I enjoy all the stages (when they're going well) but if I get stuck on one thing I just go to another.

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