Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Firemen for sale

At $20 a ticket, I wasn't sure at first if the firefighter auction at the Red Devil Lounge would be worth the expense. But it did give me a socially sanctioned excuse to ogle these guys... And I must say there are some amazingly beautiful men out there making sure the world around us doesn't burn to the ground. And how enormously satisfying it was to see them strutting, posing and selling themselves to the highest bidder. It makes me wonder how a lawyer's auction, or an animator's or a lowly cubicle worker's auction would have gone? Would we women have whooped it up for the sexy office guy? Sure. Maybe. Men, I think, are amazing creatures in general. But there is something about a firefighter. It's not just the uniform. With policemen and soldiers, for example, there is the underlying association of violence, the ability to kill if needed. But a fireman embodies strength and responsibility without that darker aspect. He rescues children and kittens and can carry heavy equipment on his back for hours without getting tired. He looks like this without his shirt on...And if he's sweet faced, likes to have fun and doesn't take himself too seriously... then he's basically the perfect guy.
Oh man...if only I'd had a spare three, seven hundred dollars. My fabulous friend L. didn't let that stop her. Getting her groove on, she caught the attention of a certain firefighter there to cheer his buddies on stage. They were texting the next day. I on the other hand got into a catfight by the bathroom. Looking for the end of the line, I asked this woman if she was waiting. Instead of answering the question she brought her face within an inch of mine and yelled, "F--- you!" Well...maybe it was the role reversal thing getting to me. Or maybe I just don't like a--holes of either gender. But I shot back at her in kind, wanting very much to give her a good knock on the head while I was at it. But I'm not a violent person. So instead I took the gum I'd been chewing the last hour or so out of my mouth and stuck it in her purse when she wasn't looking. So there!

Okay, after that I wonder who will read on about my personal life. There is the party I went to the next day which made me reconsider certain things, then the psychic readings I got on Sunday which made me reconsider what to put my faith in. A lot has happened lately so....oh hell, lets scroll back up to the firemen photos shall we?


  1. Yeah, those firemen are hot (no pun intended). Who wants to talk about faith when you can ogle half-naked firemen?!

  2. Some fine, fine photos. But more than anything I love that your act of retaliation was to put gum in her purse. Take THAT! And if you don't watch it I'll water this plant with pepsi!

  3. Spend time with those women who merit your consideration. Your time is valuable.

    Firemen are hot in any country, too bad you couldn't buy one.

    BTW: I tagged you, hope you don't mind.

  4. Embee - ha! I thought so. I was going to talk about several psychic readings I had on Sunday and whether or not I believed them. But I could sense I was pushing it when I talked about friendship.

  5. PurestGreen - Thanks. But, oh no! You pointed out how pointless that fight was. So I removed that part since it was just a side story. The reason I included it in the first place, though, I guess was to show my ongoing efforts to communicate effectively in conflict situations. The gum in the purse...hey, I imagined her putting her hand in there for her wallet, maybe, and getting my gum instead. True, it accomplished nothing. She might have thought, when did I spit this in here? Bad behavior, yes, but I'm human. I'm trying. And it did make me feel better.

    Thanks Dedene! I'm just going to enforce my boundaries more. No more being nice to please others.

    I'm not sure, though, what you mean by tagged. Is there something I should write about now? Thanks whatever it is...

  6. I'm not gay, but those laddies are handsome critters there, Cheryl! You should see the Scottish equivalent! My mate Joe Cairney runs a station in my home town and he's quite a broth of a boy (even at 50!)
    Fare thee weel,
    Love and peace sister,

  7. Seanus - yeah...they're awesome. I'm saving up for next year. In the meantime, I wonder where the local firemen hang out?

  8. I love your slice on life, great looking naked firemen, the rituals of dancing connected to Jane Austin! Just the shot of energy I needed as I'm sitting here in a hotel lobby in Arequipa, Peru, mourning my stolen computer and wondering how to work on my writing. Yes to Fiji. Go. Enjoy every moment. And thanks for visiting my blog.

  9. Beth - Oh no! I don't suppose there's any chance of the police ever recovering it? I hope you get a new computer soon. But I'm glad you were still able to visit. And I'm always happy to visit you, I love your writing. And I will definitely go to Fiji, and enjoy myself.

  10. Yummy!

    I didn't get to read about the gum? Once a long time ago, someone parked where they shouldn't and it just made me mad... like why can they park here illegally when no one else can/will? I took the gum out of my mouth and stuck it under the driver side door handle of their car and it was a really hot summer day... perfect for melting gum.

    So everyone had impulses. And you know it's only gum and not a hand gun so you are just fine! It's a perfectly good way to vent dah-ling. Perfectly good. :)

    Thank-you for the yummy pictures!

  11. Hey Shanster! Oh! I know! Maybe I'll re-include it afterall. I've just been questioning lately how personal to make my blog, wanting to share my life as honestly as possible and at the same time not wanting to give anyone the wrong idea or be inadvertently hurt by anything I say.

    It was a pretty funny story, I thought. My girlfriends definitely had a good laugh over it.

  12. Yeah - people can definately take things the wrong way.. personally, I think that is HILARIOUS!!! That is the LEAST of what she deserved. Oh - giggle - that is funny, I don't care who you are. You are all good. If she did that to someone else, it really could have gotten violent.. so yeah... you probably saved her a black eye or worse with your gum.

  13. I can't believe that cow said that to you. Horrible. LOL @ your way of dealing with her.;-)

  14. Not too long ago firemen and firewomen were out in force on every corner of our little area...asking $$ for equipment...I'm not exaggerating when I say every one...male and female were gorgeous...I'm still not sure they weren't models...I mean really, what is it about that profession that draws such beauty.

  15. Shanster - Now that you mention it, I did see that same woman nearly get into a fight with two other women when she kept trying to push them out of the way. Course, if there had been a pub brawl, guess who would have come to our rescue...

    La Belette Rouge - Hee, hee, I thought it was funny too. Mean people, what're you gonna do?

    Britt-Arnhild - No need to speak, just look and appreciate...

    Julie - Hi Julie, I don't know but I want to find myself a fireman now!

  16. Hey Cheryl,

    I just got back from vacation! It was wonderful.... Now, I'm busy adding pics to my travel blog and catching up on blog reading!! Nice to see you are busy and having fun... Did you see the film- An Accidental Husband?! There are firemen in that film and it's really a cute chick flick! Try to watch it on video if you can...
    Take care and talk to you soon...

  17. Hey Leesa, I've been following your vacation! Opera, ice cream, Vienna, Budapest, I really want to see those places one day. I've already seen Vienna, actually, but as a poor backpacking student.
    Ooo! Now I really want to see that movie! Will check it out as soon as I can, And I'm so glad you enjoyed your vacation. I enjoyed following along with you.


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