Thursday, April 30, 2009

Les questions of life. And firemen

After that last post, I almost regret posting again because now the last one will move further down the page. So, to get over that I'm including extra firemen photos...
OK, now on to other things...
1. What are your current obsessions? Um...firemen....And dancing, 80's music, my latest art project.

2. Which item from your wardrobe do you wear most often? My comfy loungewear...with sexy undies!

3. Last dream you had? Don't want to say because it was kind of naughty. No firemen were involved unfortunately (darn!) but someone not at all my type, someone kind of sleazy looking and not at all attractive. Afraid to find out what that means.

4. Last thing you bought? Groceries.

5. What are you listening to? Barack Obama's First 100 days speech.

6. If you were a god/goddess who would you be? Cupid, I'd love to be able to cause people to fall in love.

7. Favourite holiday spots? Any place new, Paris, NYC, Walt Disney World, my sister's house to spend time with my 5 nieces and nephews.

8. Reading right now? Knock em Dead, the ultimate job search guide. My dad gave it to me and a few years ago I might have been offended by the gift. This time I thought, that was nice, I could use some help come to think of it.

9. Four words to describe yourself. Intuitive, thoughtful, emotional, creative.

10. Guilty pleasure?....
11. Who or what makes you laugh until you’re weak? P. G. Wodehouse, Jerome K. Jerome, Terry Pratchett, Will Farrel sometimes, Jim Gaffigan, Frasier and I Love Lucy reruns, my future husband (whoever he is).

12. Favourite spring thing to do? Hiking, lounging around in cafes, wearing pretty dresses while running errands...

13. Planning to travel to next? Maybe to my sister's before she moves to Fiji, then Paris at the end of the year.

14. Best thing you ate or drank lately? Gourmet hot chocolate I made with Schoggi swiss chocolate, chocolate ice cream from my freezer, chocolate flan L. treated me to, a burger, shake and fries from In & Out Burger.

15. When did you last get tipsy? A few days ago when I couldn't sleep and I downed a sake cup full of red wine.

16. Favorite ever film? Toss up between Amelie, Howl's Moving Castle, A Christmas Story, Pride and Prejudice, Stranger Than Fiction.

17. Care to share some wisdom? Maybe to enjoy yourself no matter your circumstances, life goes by so fast. And to always listen to your inner compass, it'll never steer you wrong.

18. Song you can't get out of your head? Bang a Gong by T. Rex....hmmm, please don't analyze that answer.

19. Things you are looking forward to? Paris, Fiji, going out dancing Saturday night.

20. If money were no object, where would you choose to live? I'd have apartments in Paris and New York and a cottage by the sea, either here in California or Italy.

OK, one more, one more! One last thing, does anyone know any firemen they'd like to introduce me to?


  1. 1) What is your latest art project? I've looked at some of your works and am in awe!
    2) Uh... moving on...
    3) Shadow self?
    4) Mmmm, groceries
    5) No music?
    6)OK, Amelie
    7) All good
    8) I like the thought about dad
    9) I'd have guessed all of those about you
    10) ...
    11) I only know of 3 of those
    12) More insight into a delightful character
    13) Fiji and Paris!!!
    14) Choco flan... I love flan... choco?
    15) A sake cup of wine??? Tipsy???
    16) Of course Amelie, all others are fine choices as well, love Hayao Miyazaki (but my top of his is Spirited Away).
    17) YES!!! It took me more than half of my life to trust my compass... and though it has taken me through some of the roughest times, I have never been more at peace inside. What fine wisdom to share... did I say YES!!!
    18)Uh... again... moving on
    19) Paris and Fiji! (déjà vu)
    20) All good...
    **I know 3 firemen... but then you'd have to move to chilly (though beautiful) western upstate New York.

  2. Still love the firemen...thanks for more pix!!!

  3. Great post, I love the fireman, I mean the post.

  4. I would have preferred some firewomen, but...

    Interesting reading! I guess I almost know you now! :-)

    Happy to see Paris mentioned in your plans; Hope you contact me before arriving! Would happy to be your guide for at least part of your visit ... or at least meet you for a drink or something!

  5. Hi David!
    I. Should have added an s to projects. Am working on two oil paintings and an illustration and have a few more illustrations swimming in my head. None are ready to show yet but the illustration is based on the Tibetan protests last year of the Beijing Olympics. It's a bit more surreal than I usually do, so a good exercise in stretching myself. The paintings, though realistic, I plan to paint in flat tones with strong outlines, like comic book art, which I love. That style takes a lot less time to do than my usual.
    2. hee, hee!
    3. oh, very good. I should have remembered the theory that every person in your dream is another aspect of yourself. I guess I didn't want to see that.
    4. Ditto
    5. Couldn't miss his live speech. Next to firemen (and Mr Darcy) he is my image of the ideal man.
    6. Definitely, I do like bringing people together and seeing what happens.
    7. yeah
    8. me too
    9. thought so
    10. lol!
    11. Check out the ones you aren't familiar with if you can, they're hilarious. or at least they are to me.
    12. Thank you, I've never heard myself described as delightful before. Next time someone says something mean to me I'll remember that.
    13. Yeah!
    14. It's flan over a layer of chocolate cake. I found it at a grocery called Mi Pueblo Food center. Don't know if you have those where you are, but they're a Mexican or Latin American chain L. introduced me to. Amazing produce.
    15. Ok, one of my occasional vices. But a small quantity of alcohol is supposed to be good for you! I saw it on Oprah.
    16. Love that one too, but something about Howl's Moving Castle, the transformation, the love story, the setting, Christian Bale's sexy voice....
    17. Me too, and I admit I still don't always listen to it, especially if others are pressuring me to feel or think otherwise. It's a learning process.
    18. yup...
    19. ditto encore
    20. yes, one day...
    Three! Very tempting...

  6. Hi Embee, Oh, I definitely enjoyed posting (and taking) them! thanks for appreciating them too.

    Hi Cid, me too, me too.

    Hi Peter, I would love that, I'll definitely do that! How nice of you to offer. Makes me feel more worldly,...hey L. I have a friend in Paris who can show us around or meet us for drinks..You do?! Cool!

  7. Fun meme!!! I love learning more about you.:-)

    Perhaps when you finish the Knockem Dead book you ought to stop by your local fire department!

  8. Hi Belette Rouge, I'm too chicken to do that, unfortunately, but I have been hanging more at the local Starbuck's/Peet's they often stop by at. Who knows what might happen?

  9. Oh, I love your guilty pleasures! I can never get enough pics of firemen.

  10. Hi Dedene! Oh, me too, me too!

  11. We're going to an auction next week--don't think we'll have as much fun as you though! We'll be happy if we pick up some cheap coffee!

  12. Love the answer to guilty pleasures!

    CJ xx

  13. Cheryl thanks for dropping by my blog too! Well, you really made me laugh about that fireman obsession thing!I thought I heard that from someone somewhere before. Anyway, they do have their own charisma huh?!

  14. Crystal jigsaw - Thanks, me too!

    Shasha - Your welcome! I like how your blog is both entertaining and helpful.

    Yeah, they're gorgeous and awesome.

  15. More fireman pix are always good... maybe you can put them in your banner? ha ha!

    Nice answers!! I like 17 - always good and hard to do sometimes!!

  16. PS -- looking forward to your next round of waxing philosophical... which I know is energy hungry, but well worth it...

  17. Hey Shanster, oh! good idea! And thanks, I don't always do them either, but I try.

    Hi David, I think you have a sixth sense about what I'm going to write about next?!! I have one scheduled for tomorrow morning but if the spirit moves me I might publish it sooner. Thanks, it's really gratifying to know people appreciate my need to work things out in public...


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