Friday, July 17, 2009

More works in progress

I'm always a bit squeamish about posting works in progress. For one thing they never end up looking the way they do mid process. Also, at this stage, they're often driving me nuts. Like this one for instance... I'm tempted to scrap it and start all over again. It's far from...great. I could have pushed things here, been braver there. And now it just looks funny to me and not because this illustration is funny. But it was good practice and I want to move on to another (and much better) piece (after this one is painted) sooner rather than later and without too much inner drama.

This one, which is a few days away from completion, I'm much happier with...

By the way, have you heard of Zac Sunderland, the seventeen year old who just sailed around the world? His story raises a lot of thoughts and feelings in me - gosh, what have I accomplished so far? I'm going to be such and such years old soon and I still haven't finished that darned novel or worked for a major animation studio yet or on and on and how could his mother let him go off by himself like that he could have been kidnapped by pirates, etc. and so on.

But, really, I'm feeling pretty mellow these days. Everything, some kindly inner voice keeps whispering to me, will be alright. Take your time, eat that ice cream, read that book, stop pressuring your self all the time because everything will be alright. So mostly I think, wow, how cool is that. A seventeen year old just sailed around the world. When I'm in my seventies or eighties, maybe I'll do the same thing. If I'm no longer prone to seasickness, that is. Otherwise I might set off on foot around the world instead, camera, sketchbook and super light mini laptop in hand.

So many wonderful adventures to choose from. Anything is possible.

As this guy...
the newly minted Senator from Minnesota is proof of.


  1. Cheryl ... I love seeing work-in-progress and your latest piece looks quite brilliant and inspired even at this stage! Don't scrap it! Just put aside for a while and see how you feel later. Wow ... the young sailor! Isn't it fantastic to know that the adventurous spirit is still very much alive. Gives lots of hope and inspiration to us all as we move along on our own journeys. As for the Senator ... what can I say? Crazy and fun! Keep smiling, girl! xx

  2. Wow - I am so impressed.

    And don't wait until you're in your 70s or 80s for a great adventure!

  3. Definitely don't scrap it! It's obvious to see how cool a painting this will be.

    Loved the finished one.

    Just remember, that 17 year old is always going to be looking to trump his sail around the world and may end up very unhappy. You're taking your time and enjoying the people and places that make up a lifetime journey.

  4. I love your work here, Angela. I'm very impressed and humbled. When you think about the 17-year old sailor, think about this. If not a novel, you're doing this--and I think it's very wonderful. xo

  5. I love works in progress as much as finished works. Even better to see works in several stages of being in progress. Watching them unfold. I like it.

  6. Lovely works! I know they aren't done yet and I enjoy them already!

    Yes - take time to enjoy the journey your life is taking you on. So many choices and adventures waiting to happen... it will all work itself out!

  7. OMG -- anything IS possible!!!

    Have a great weekend.

  8. As they say 'it's the journey not the destination', that's the secret to appreciating life.

    I too, find it a challenge to be mellow, as I am always driving myself forward.

    Your painting is great and I know what you mean about showing work that is in progress, but an artist or writer needs feedback ...

    Wow - just seventeen! Best time to do it - no mortgage, kids, credit cards ...

    Your turn will come ... :)

  9. what a cool post! and so glad you are feeling mellow and just rolling with things. i don't know how to do that lately, and i need to start it like NOW!

  10. The work in progress is captivating. Don't give up on Obama, I see promise.

    As for the kid from Marina del Rey, we went sailing with people that know him last weekend, and that's when I heard about him. Some people are on the accelerated life chart. The rest of us plod along.

  11. I really really appreciate that you have the courage (yes, I guess it means courage) to show your work in progress! From what I have seen so far, you shoudn't worry about your talent and you know that artists seldom have any great success at 17 - or even slightly later! If you didn't insist, you would regret even more later! I hope you will continue with this ... and also show the final result!!

  12. Thanks Carol Ann, thinking will scrap it after all. See better version of it in my head so insistent I have to listen. But I'm not throwing it away, there's a copy of it on my computer ready to be painted in Photoshop. And the original I can still paint over in oils. I think I needed to do this version in order to see a better one in my head.

  13. Wow. The Obama sketch is really good. They all are. I'm impressed. Thanks for sharing those.

  14. Wow! Amazing work Cheryl and I'm not just saying that to be nice. Because I'm only nice when I have eaten a donut and there is no donut in sight.

    I wrote a post once that was all about the sad fact that I cant draw/sketch/paint.'

    I think everyone has had accomplishments. For some it sailing around the world, for others it's being a good mother/father or a good painter/writer/illustrator like you are. Life is not an one way road. Each person has to make his/her own way.

    P.S. That Senator is something else!

  15. Oh God that seventeen year old has made me feel so lazy!
    Love the works in progress by the way!

  16. I like the painting very much...and where oh where did you get Al looking like that? lol!!

  17. Thanks Theresa, it's a good start, but I need to rework it. No point finishing it when I know it can be better.

    HI Dutch Donut Girl, wow you;re sister is good! As for feeling hopeless about your took me eight years - eight years! - to feel competent at it myself. It's a daily commitment.

    He he, the senator...I'm glad but I also wonder how considering a photo like that would spell the end of any other political career.

    Hi Art Fan Ako, thank you!

    Hi Feist, I know! Me too. And thanks, I appreciate it.

    Hi T. Thank you! I've been working on it for ages. Hopefully it'll feel entirely finished by the end of today. And yeah, the senator, he's adorable!


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