Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bloggy friend love - i. e. blog awards!

Thanks Shannon!!

Thanks Celeste Maia!!!

Thanks Theresa!!!

Thanks Elizabeth!!!

Thanks Mara!!

Thanks Lianne!!

Thanks Helena, Sharon, T. and La Belette Rouge!!


  1. Dearest, Cheryl ... Sometimes, letting go is the only way and, in doing so, it leaves room for new like-minded souls to come into your life. That has been my experience and I hope it has some resonance for you.

    I've just had a quick look at your new photo blog. What a great idea this is - and also provides a glimpse of what inspires you as an artist. This can only lead to more opportunities, my friend, and I hope plenty start coming your way. Sending you lots of magical moments. xx

  2. We set our own boundaries with the values we want live by; they're not hard, blocking-out boundaries, but they do measure how much we will take of something and when we will move to stop it. If someone is imposing on you, pushing past your boundaries, you act to stop them. If you can't, then remove yourself from them. It's life, it happens, and it needs to be dealt with and moved on from. Simple...

  3. Carol Anne, Braja, thank you for sharing your wisdom with me. I'm taking your words to heart and letting them help to guide me. Time to move on. Time to let more love and acceptance into my life.

  4. My favorite rose opening poem is by Anais Nin: "And the day came when the risk to remain in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to bloom."

    p.s. That Rumi poem paired with the music made me cry. But, you knew that. ;-)

  5. Your new blog is great. You take lovely photos - I especially love the Performer's on a break photo!
    Keep you chin up and stay positive :-)


  6. If I told you about all the destructive people I've encountered in my life, we'd be here all night. The best thing is to let go, if they come back let them do so but on your terms. Nobody should tell you how to live your life, nor should you stand people who only emit negative energy. Enough is enouogh. Lots of love and positive wibes. xx

  7. I came to your blog via Britt-Arnhild, because of an interesting comment you left there. I have been reading several of your past entries and I want to tell you how much I have enjoyed your blog. I live in Spain but am now in Portugal for the summer. I am also a painter and a children's book writer and illustrator. And I started a blog recently so I am still learning.
    The only comment I can add to your last entry is that these destructive people should only bore you, not make you angry. And you know that boredom definitely shortens lifespans. So, make sure you have a long live...

  8. Not easy to make the choice when you have hundreds of photos!

    I now - at last - discovered your fine art portfolio and loved to see your paintings, especially including the more recent ones! You don't have to worry about your talent!

  9. Hi La Belette Rouge, I knew you'd enjoy the poetry :-) Coleman Barks is doing a Rumi reading here in San Francisco in 2010 at the Palace of Fine Arts. It's his only scheduled West Coast appearance according to his calender so I have to, just have to, see it.

    Hi Sally, he, he, of course you'd like that one! I'll definitely keep it in the portfolio then. Thanks, I can take things to heart at times, but I feel so much better about the situation today. A good night sleep helps!

  10. Hi Helena, I'm torn right now. My friend L. says talk to her. My sister also says she sounds nice.

    And yet...experience says to be cautious. I was just taking a break from her when, seeing she wanted to start spending time together again, I laid down some ground rules in a letter. I asked her instead of responding right away to please just sit with what I said awhile. Because I knew, knowing her, if she answered too quickly then what I said wouldn't have seeped in. And, I know this is cowardly but I sent her response to my sister and had her summarize the contents for me. What I needed to hear from her was yes, Cheryl I heard what you said and I will respect your boundaries. Instead I got precisely the kind of letter I feared I would get. Word for word.

    Is progress possible here? I used to think things would never get better between my siblings and I. And now, after standing my ground, my sister and I consider each other one of our closest friends.

    I guess I hoped if I could just make her hear me....'

    Ugh, no more overthinking. Whatever happens, I have to remember I'll be alright. Thank you for sharing a bit of your wisdom with me. I truly appreciate it.

    Hi Celeste, a new blog friend! Yeah! Welcome. I love Britt-Arnhild's blog. There's something so calming about it.

    And you are a painter/children's book illustrator/writer living in Spain/Portugal!!! Sounds like another dream life. I will definitely check out your blog.

    And that is a great way to look at the situation. It never even occurred to me. I definitely want a long life ;-)

    Hi Peter, yeah, not an easy choice. You never know what will appeal to other people so I just went with whatever I really liked.

    And thank you! I do appreciate that. I guess...with my sales pretty non-existent at the moment, I fell into the trap of using outside circumstances to determine how I felt about myself and my work.

  11. Thank you for leaving such a nice comment on my blog. Yes, the painting on the heading is mine. As for the conversation, yes, I remembered it more or less, and I wrote it when it was still fresh. I will also be coming here often, it is nice "meeting" you.

  12. Hi Celeste Maia, Wow, the colors, everything, I can sew why your work has been exhibited all over the world! One day, one day, me too... You are an inspiration!


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